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The Charter of International day for equal opportunity

This charter establishes the principles that allow an event to be stamped as part of the collective IDEO movement. It applies to all partners wishing to join it.

The IDEO is an annual and international event that raises awareness and challenges decision-makers on equal opportunity issues. The goal is to encourage, in practice, individual and collective efforts in the fight for equal opportunity.

The IDEO is celebrated on the 5th of December as a tribute to Nelson Mandela’s fight, who passed away on that day. It was initiated in 2015 by the members of Article 1’s youth group Different Leaders.

It is intended to be recognized by the United Nations, in order to create an international framework allowing the democratisation of existing initiatives, the sharing of good practices, and the emergence of quantified objectives beyond borders.

A definition

Equal opportunity is implicitly contained in equal rights. It aims to allow everyone to have access to the same opportunities regardless of the social or ethnic origin, sex, gender, parents’ financial means, place of birth, religious belief, disability, or any other discriminatory criteria.

4 goals

Raise awareness about existing equal opportunity initiatives in our own countries for economically deprived populations to take advantage of them as early as possible

Share practices and resources to support each other in our fight for more inclusive societies

Encourage a cross-government conversation about equal opportunity goals and evaluation criteria

Encourage all forms of partnership and inter-sectoral synergies


In order to achieve these objectives, the actions put in place must

  • Have a pedagogical and benevolent approach
  • Recall the systemic dimension of inequalities
  • Promote actions and tools for equal opportunities
  • Involve decision-makers from the public and private sectors in order to encourage dialogue and commitment (if possible)
  • Go beyond the facts and aim to convey a constructive message, in accordance with the principles of IDEO.

By ensuring to…

  • Build partnerships with local, national or international stakeholders (whenever possible).
  • Contribute to the IDEO exchange groups and share reports of events.
  • Adopt a sustainable development and responsible consumption approach in the choice of products and suppliers (whenever possible).

While refraining from…

  • Promoting or perpetuating stereotypes or prejudice in any way, shape or form (miserabilism, violation of human dignity, hatred, discrimination…)
  • Religious proselytizing or political and electoral propaganda
  • Having as main objective fundraising (a participation in the expenses of the event or a project carried by a target public not being beneficiary of an association is tolerated)
  • To have as sole impact the promotion of its own person or organization.

Interested ? 

Want to know more about IDEO and the stakeholders? Do you want to organize an event yourself?